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Steve's Asian food trip and learning to cook
In Recipes and Cooking
May 29, 2022
Sure, as a treat growing up sometimes we had a Chinese takeaway. As this was a rare occasion it made it more special and it was always very tasty. I know things have changed a bit but basically in England it was Chinese or Indian food on offer along with kebab shops. As I've grown up I've also tried and loved Caribbean food plus an annoyance for intolerance around the world how people can be so horrible to others from different countries. So one thing i say a lot is how can you be racist or dislike people from another country when their food is so great? These people you need them as your friends don't you? So going on Ive always loved going to Chinese restaurants or Thai etc. The colours and smells in the shops are amazing, and as you can imagine all the different ingredients and bright colours and this is similar in the Indian/Pakistani grocery stores as well. All this amazing looking food, sauces and spices but what do you use it all for? So working at the street for market for nearly 4 years tasting al manner of foods good and bad made me want to finally learn as my ex-chef wife doesn't specialise in Asian food really. Because my head works in a different way i find it hard to just learn from a cook book or normal video and i accidentality stumbled across which i found the way it was presented i could actually learn from. The way i am, i just can't bodge a dish, i have to or want to do just like how its made in the country and not altered for us Europeans etc. My local Chinese market staff can see this in me and i think they like it which I'm glad of hence getting treats and i try and cook them something nice for special events like New Year. I'm the same with my local takeaway i don't think they have had anyone really tell them how good their food is and what a treat it is to eat it. I have told them their good food is one reason i started learning myself and also give them treats now and again and i get free special food which normal customers do not get 😋 Ive progressed onto channels like as its authentic how she cooks meals but i don't need to know how to do it more like what goes into it. I find your area of the world far more interesting and exciting and just different it's completely different culture which as I've moaned about to the Gurkhas one which wouldn't work here really. Just a shame i cannot pop out at work to a real food place and get a bowl of beef Pho. Nepali food is amazing as well, it can be like a mix of Indian and Chinese its nuts. You don't get food here that's a mix of English and Welsh do you? The food is just so nice and exciting and i wanted to be able to make some of it, the more authentic the better 😊


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