Szechuan shredded beef

Check out my latest recipe. Shredded beef in Szechuan style. It's fragrantly aromatic, sweet, salty and spicy with a umami flavour from Szechuan broad bean chilli paste "doubanjiang" and Chinese sweet bean paste "tianmianjiang".

There is 7-steps in making this recipe:

  1. Cut beef into thin strips

  2. Marinade beef with light soy, Chinese cooking wine, cooking oil and salt

  3. Prepare, wash and cut carrots and celery into thin strips

  4. Peel skin of ginger and slice into thin strips

  5. Peel garlic and mince finely

  6. Heat some oil in a hot wok or pan. Then fry the marinated beef. Remove and wipe clean the wok. Repeat this step twice

  7. Put the beef back in the wok or pan. Add minced garlic and the sauce. Fry briefly then add ginger strips, carrots and celery strips and the remaining sauces. Fry briefly before adding Szechuan pepper, chilli oil, salt and sugar to taste

Detailed instruction on how to make this recipe with a step-by-step video is published on my RECIPE Page.

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