Pork lovers

Went to the market yesterday during lunchtime and bought myself some pork. A mixed of soft pork ribs and pork shoulder. It was cheap. My plan is to slow cook and make a Chinese herbal soup called “bak kut teh”. A traditional street food back in Penang, Malaysia.

I have done an earlier video on this recipe. I made some slight adjustments with the Chinese herbs. Since I’ve bought too much pork shoulder, I have decided to make another pork dish. A Malaysian style pork and potato curry using Malaysian curry powder with added fresh spices of french shallots, garlic, lemongrass, curry leaves and dried spices of star anises and cinnamon stick. I need some vegetable to go with both dishe so made a simple green beans stir-fry flavoured with minced garlic and lemongrass with fish sauce and oyster sauce.

A mid-week dinner on Wednesday night.

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