Penang Sia Boey

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Sia Boey is a local Hokkien name for an area in George Town, Penang. It literally means “town’s end” where there was a lively wet market frequented by locals living and trading in the vicinity.

There was a canal, known as the Prangin Canal, that connects to the waterways with traders plying in their little boat “sampan” bringing produce and livestock to the market.

This area was dilapidated since early-mid 1900 until the Penang state government decided to revive the area due to its historical and cultural values. Work began and during the excavation, the workers discovered a granite structure in 2015. Archaeologists from the University of Science Malaysia (USM) in Penang was tasked to research the granite structure, which turns out to be an old canal lock, a part of the canal basin. The site since has been designated as an important archaeological site for more research work.

The Sia Boey area was officially opened to the public as an urban archaeological park in late 2019. A wonderful gift to the locals and tourists visiting Penang.

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