Penang garden of lights

I have heard about this place a couple of years back. But, it never occur to me as a place that I would be interested to visit or take my guests, especially when visitors are making a comparison to the “tree of life” in the movie, Avatar. The first thing that came into my mind is “artificial and tacky”. I was wrong.

Imagine bringing something from a movie set to a living life form with natural surrounding of giant boulders, plants and trees with the ocean crashing onto more giant boulders and rocks! This place is far better than I could imagine. It is surreal, blissful and blindlessly beautiful in the dark with all the colourful lights.

The garden of lights is most popular with the local tourists and Asians from afar. The area, not the garden, is well hidden with a rich tapestry of history and folklore dating back to mid-18th century.

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