Penang Botanic Gardens

Established in 1884 by the British, Penang Botanic Gardens is perched at the foot of 112 metre surrounding hills of tropical rainforests. It was an old granite quarry site of 50 hectares with a natural waterfall cascading stream. Popularly known as the Waterfall Gardens by the local with its unique heritage and history, Penang Botanic Gardens is one of its kind in Malaysia. The first curator of the gardens, Charles Curtis, was a devoted gardener who worked tirelessly transforming this old quarry site into a magnificent garden. Throughout the history, the gardens was administered by the British from the Departments of Gardens and Forests, Straits Settlements until 1946.

Penang Botanic Gardens is a major tourist attraction. Popular with locals seeking fresh air and a piece of “green lung” away from the noisy city. There is much to see and explore at the gardens, with diverse flora and fauna.

The gardens is open everyday from 5am to 8pm, except the plant houses with set days and hours.

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