Kobab Korean Kitchen

Almost at least once a week I come to this place for my lunch. It was extremely popular until COVID pandemic hit Melbourne with the first lockdown in March 2020. More than a year later and with Melbourne coming out of its fifth lockdown, the city is still not the same and hasn’t recovered, with near empty office buildings and many people still working from home.

Kobab depends largely on the lunch business. This place is tiny with few seats inside and outside. I remember coming here since 2017. I found this place by chance as I walked past it one day to work. It looks interesting and the food on display looks fresh and appetizing. I tried it once and I was immediately hooked! It was that good. The menu stays the same even until now, 4 years later.

I come here for my lunch at least once a week when I am at work. Each time I order the same dishes, and each time it tastes the same. Not even a teeny weeny difference in taste, flavor or texture. It is always the same. The funny thing is, I never get tired of it. Until today, after our fifth lockdown in Melbourne and my first day back in the office, I craved for Kobab and got myself a takeaway. I chose the same 2 dishes. Sweet chili chicken and spicy pork. It comes with steamed rice (a short grain variety) and some salad. A generous size portion costing only $10.50! That is one of the cheapest, most affordable, value for money lunch in the city. Add a third choice for an extra $0.50 cents!! Sometimes I will add beef bulgogi. 3 different protein meats. 3 different tastes and flavours. A perfect combination in a bowl of rice.

The service is friendly, fast and efficient. There is always a long queue at their busiest time. It is orderly and the line moves quickly. You never have to wait for more than 3-5 minutes.

I never thought I would say this. But yes. 10/10. Highly recommended for a quick lunch if you are working in the city. Look for a nice spot, there are plenty nearby, to enjoy this sumptuous Korean fast food lunch.

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