Have you try steaming salmon Chinese style?

Most people would have either baked or pan-seared a salmon fillet. But, steaming a salmon fillet? Can you imagine what it tastes like?

When it comes to steaming a fish - whole, fillet or cutlet - the Chinese has been doing this for centuries. It is one of the Chinese classic cooking techniques. It is a healthy method of cooking with almost none or little oil used in the cooking process. And, when it comes to steaming a fish, it is most common to use a white fish that has a delicate, sweet, tender white flesh, no fishy smell and the flavour and aroma comes from using a variety of standard Chinese flavouring ingredients; such as, ginger, spring onion, garlic, light soy, Chinese cooking wine, sesame oil.

Salmon is not a white fish. It is a type of blue fish. It has a stronger flavour. It is not a popular type of fish used in Chinese cooking. However, it works well in this recipe, using the same Chinese method for steamed fish.

I hope that I've got your attention and all excited to want to make this yourself. It requires little preparation. It is healthy and tasty to eat. A written recipe is on my Recipe Page.

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