Curry Kapitan

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

This chicken curry is uniquely Penang that is an interplay on different spices, herbs resulting in an intense, complex flavour that is slightly sour, sweet, fragrantly aromatic and tangy with a splash of fresh lime

There is 9-steps involved in making this recipe:

  1. Wash and clean the chicken first if using a whole chicken. Then chicken into small sections

  2. Marinade chicken pieces with ground turmeric, salt and cooking oil

  3. Chop all the fresh spice ingredients. Put in a blender and pulverised to make the curry spice paste "rempah"

  4. Mix tamarind pulp with hot water to make tamarind juice

  5. Slice kaffir lime leaves into fine slivers

  6. Heat up some cooking oil on high heat. Once oil is hot, bruise remaining kaffir lime leaves. Toss into the hot oil. Add the curry spice paste "rempah" and fry until fragrantly aromatic

  7. Add marinated chicken and tamarind juice. Cook on high heat and then lower heat to gentle simmer

  8. Add coconut water, slivers of kaffir lime leaves and palm sugar

  9. Squeeze some fresh lime juice, remove and plate

Detailed instruction on how to make this recipe with a step-by-step video is published on my RECIPE Page.

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