Claypot Chicken Rice

This is a popular Malaysian Chinese clay pot chicken rice called "sar poh kay pui" or "sar poh kai fun" with saucy and tenderly juicy chicken meat on top of steamy hot savoury salty-sweet steamed rice and the crusty smokiness burnt bits at the bottom.

There is 10-steps involved in making this recipe:

  1. Cut chicken into small bite pieces and then marinade the chicken and set aside

  2. Soak shiitake mushrooms until they are soft and then slice them thinly

  3. Slice a Chinese sausage "lap cheong" into thin slices. Fry "lap cheong" until slightly smoky and crisp

  4. Soak dried salted fish and then slice thinly. Fry salted fish with some oil until lightly browned and crisp.

  5. Wash and cook rice

  6. Slice spring onion finely for garnishing

  7. Slice green vegetable into small sections

  8. Prepare and mix the sauces for the chicken rice

  9. Once rice is half-cooked, add marinated chicken

  10. Once chicken is cooked, add vegetables, the mixed sauces, "lap cheong", salted fish, mushrooms

Detailed instruction on how to make this recipe with a step-by-step cooking video channel is published on my RECIPE Page.

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