Chaiya Mangalaram Buddhist Temple

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Chaiya Mangalaram is a Thai buddhist temple, built in 1845, on a land granted by the East India Company on behalf of Her Majesty Queen Victoria to the Siamese community. The land was presented by the then Governor of the Straits Settlement, William John Butterworth, to four female Siamese trustees. Since then, the land has remained in trust to this present day.

The main attraction of Chaiya Mangalaram Buddhist Temple is the Reclining Buddha statue (Luang Phor Chaiya Mongol), which was built in 1958 measuring 33 m (108 ft) in length and 10 m (32 ft) in height makes it the largest in Malaysia and third longest in the world.

The main temple building and an adjacent pagoda serve as a columbarium housing the urns of the cremated.

Chaiya Mangalaram Buddhist Temple is a major tourist attraction.

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