Bitter gourd and salted duck egg

On my last trip to Penang, mum showed me how to make her bitter gourd and salted egg dish. That is, salted duck egg. It is a simple stir fry recipe that can be re-created in your own kitchen. The challenge, if you live in a western countries, is finding bitter gourd and salted duck egg.

In Melbourne, the salted duck eggs are quite easy to find at most Asian grocers. However bitter gourd may be a bit difficult and seasonal at the Asian grocers. Mum's recipe is simple. Sometimes, simple is the best. So why not give this recipe a try if you come across bitter gourds at an Asian grocery store. The other ingredients are standard ingredients used in Chinese cooking - ginger, garlic, and light soy.

You can learn how to make this simple recipe by watching my YouTube channel. In the video, I will take you on a sightseeing tour of Teluk Bahang beach and fishing village.

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