Beautiful coastline of Melbourne

On a beautiful day, I enjoy taking a walk somewhere. Anywhere my feet will take me. That was what happened 2 weeks ago. It was a lovely winter day after weeks of depressing cold winter days. Mostly cloud covered grey sky with little sunshine, the sky burst out into a glorious sunshine with clear blue sky. But, it was cold.

For the second time, I took a train to Sandringham station from Flinders station. The train journey took about 30 minutes stopping at all stations. It was a pleasant train ride. Once I reached Sandringham station, it was a short 5 minutes walk to the beach with stunning views spanning far and wide into the horizon. It was my second experience on this coastline of Port Philips Bay. It is beautiful.

I was more prepared on this second trip. The first time I have been to this coastline was a week prior. I took the Sandringham train line to Brighton Beach station. 2 stops before its last stop, the Sandringham station. Brighton beach station is located directly across the beach. The beach stretches as far as my eyes could see with a proper concrete, bush, and dirt track if you don't want to get your shoes covered with sands. I walked from Brighton beach to Brighton beach yacht club, and back to Brighton beach station to train back to Flinders station. It was a good long walk. I gave myself a challenge if there was another beautiful day, I would continue my walk further along the coastline, which led to my second trip.

This time I brought along a pair of thong aka flip-flop to change. I wanted to walk closer to the water, feel the sand and water close to my bare feet. Smell the ocean and cold breeze on my face. On this second trip, I walked from Sandringham beach to Hampton beach, finished at Half Moon Bay before walking back to Sandringham station. It was a good long walk. A bit harder to walk on the sand. Satisfying at best. Soothing for the mind. Listening to the gentle waves flapping up and down against the shore.

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