Back in Penang for Chinese New Year 2022

I still can't believe I made it back home to Penang this January 2022 to celebrate CNY since Australia started its Covid-19 global pandemic lockdown in March 2020. No one saw this coming. It has affected plenty and everyone in one way or another. Some worse than others. Life hasn't been the same, and travel isn't the same.

The trip back to Penang is an experience I will never forget. It is interesting, unimaginable, stressful at times, lots of planning and preparation ahead of the trip, lots of procedures to follow, paperworks to complete and comply with health regulations before departure and on arrival, and costlier than normal. But, it is a trip worth making and I am happy that I have done it and enjoy every bit of this new travel experience.

Glad to be free after Day 7 of my home quarantine on arrival in Penang. First thing I did was to eat Penang food, and to see my mother and family for a reunion.

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