Authentic and traditional Nyonya Prawns!

This recipe has long been a tradition in my family. I have learnt this from my mother. She makes this uber-delicious prawns at every Chinese New Year for our family reunion dinner. This is a nyonya-dish (nonya-dish). It is simple to make and requires little effort and ingredients. The prawns once cooked can be eaten immediately while they are still hot, or then they're warm, or even when they are cold as a snack with a sambal belachan chilli dipping sauce. Perhaps with a nice cold beer!

There is only 3-steps to make this nyonya recipe:

  1. wash, clean and devein the prawns

  2. marinate the prawns and then pan-fried

  3. optional: make the sambal belachan dipping sauce

Check out my detailed recipe with a step-by-step cooking video on my RECIPE Page.

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