30 minutes quick and easy dinner after work

I like making use of leftover food, especially during the weekday. Busy at work. Coming home. Just want to make something quick and easy. This dinner took 30 minutes to prepare and cook. Steamed fish salmon fillet in ginger and spring onion sauce and a quick stir-fry baby choy sum. The other 2 dishes were leftover from a restaurant meal on the weekend. One reheated in the bamboo steamer and the other on a wok. Served with plain rice porridge. A comforting meal for a cold winter night.

This is the first time I have shot using iPhone 12 mini to capture the video clips with short editing all done using iPhone. Hope you enjoy this short video clip.

You can check out my other videos if you like to know how to make the salmon fillet steamed, https://youtu.be/QAuYTT-e1aQ, and if you like to know how I make the rice porridge, you can check out this video, https://youtu.be/C_NoM1gq7P8 or this one, https://youtu.be/RSsfU2G4C14

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