Hello, I am Victor Khoo.

I'm a Penang born Malaysian-Chinese currently living in Melbourne, Australia.

Although I have spent most of my adult life in Australia, my heart is back in Penang and I'm looking forward to returning home in the not too distant future.

By way of background, Penang is home to a rich melting pot of cultures and cuisines combining the flavours of Chinese, nationality's architecture, religious beliefs and way of life. It really is a harmonious society where we celebrate and enjoy each other's festivities and cultures.

I believe food brings people together. There's nothing quite like sharing a meal with those we hold dear, whether it be family, close friends or even those who perhaps enter our lives as strangers but go on to become life-long friends.

Today, my passion is sharing the wonderful culture and heritage that is unique to Penang. Whether it's our local food, fresh food markets or Penang's historical landmarks and places of interest, there are few things I enjoy more than sharing my enthusiasm for my hometown with others. A large part of this revolves around my interest in cooking and sharing recipes for Penang local food as well as other dishes I've picked up along the way. You'll find these recipes on this website and on my YouTube channel.

I welcome your questions and comments, so please get in touch if you would like to do so via this website, my YouTube channel or in person when I'm back in Penang, Malaysia.

Victor Khoo